Installing Plesk for Your Clients at a Budget-friendly Price of $50

Install Plesk


If you’re looking for an efficient and cost effective web hosting 

control panel solution for your clients, Plesk is an excellent option

Plesk is a user friendly and feature rich control panel that simplifies 

website management and server administration. In this article

we will guide you through the process of installing Plesk for your clients

enabling them to easily manage their websites and hosting environments

Best of all, you can offer this installation at an affordable price of just $50.

What is Plesk?

Plesk is a comprehensive web hosting control panel 

designed to simplify website and server management. 

It provides a user friendly interface that allows clients 

to easily manage their domains, websites, email accounts

databases, and more. Plesk supports multiple operating systems

including Windows and various Linux distributions

It offers a wide range of features such as automated backups

security enhancements, domain management, and application installation

making it an ideal choice for hosting providers and web developers

Installing Plesk for Your Clients:

Assess Client Requirements:

Before proceeding with the installation, assess your clients’ hosting requirements

Determine the number of domains and websites they need to host

the desired server environment (Windows or Linux), and any specific 

features they require. This information will help you 

customize the Plesk installation to meet their needs effectively

Choose a Hosting Provider:

Select a hosting provider that offers Plesk as a control panel option

Consider factors such as server performance, reliability, customer support

and pricing when making your choice. Ensure that the hosting 

provider’s offerings align with your clients’ requirements and your budget limitations

Set Up a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Dedicated Server:

To keep costs low, consider setting up a VPS or dedicated server based on your clients’ needs. A VPS is generally more cost effective, while a dedicated server offers greater performance and resources. Install the operating system supported by Plesk and configure it to meet the server requirements.

Purchase a Plesk License:

Acquire a Plesk license from an authorized reseller or directly from the Plesk website. 

The license cost can vary depending on the edition and the number of domains it supports

Choose the appropriate license that meets your clients’ requirements and fits within your budget

Install Plesk:

Follow the official Plesk installation guide provided by the hosting 

provider or directly from the Plesk website. The installation process 

typically involves accessing the server via SSH or remote desktop

running the installation script, and configuring basic settings

Ensure that you carefully follow the instructions provided to avoid any issues during the installation.

Configure Plesk for Your Clients:

Once the installation is complete, 

configure Plesk to match the specific needs of each client

Set up domains, email accounts, databases, security measures

and any other desired customization. Plesk’s intuitive interface 

makes these tasks straightforward, enabling your clients to manage their hosting environment with ease

Provide Support and Training:

Offer assistance and support to your clients as they start using Plesk

Provide them with documentation or training resources to 

familiarize themselves with the control panel’s features and functionalities

This will empower them to independently manage their websites and hosting accounts effectively.


By following these steps, you can install Plesk for your clients at a budget friendly price of $50

Plesk’s user friendly interface and extensive feature set make it an ideal 

choice for simplifying website and server management

Customize the installation according to each client’s requirements

provide support

and empower your clients to take control of their hosting environment.

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